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Start Farming Business Livestock poultry Animals and birds Growing food Production

  As Everyone Already Knows Growing / farming Poultry birds and animals is highly Rsiky and Profitable Business Everyone can try Non-Vegetarian Food production Business here are few examples Hen Chicken Farming Another small Birds Farming Duck Farming Fish Farming Explaining  Rabbit Farming Rabbit farming in India is an age old practice. This micro livestock species contributes meat, wool, fur and pelt for human welfare. It has immense potential for sustainable food production for the ever increasing human population. There is a tremendous scope for poverty alleviation and improving the living standards of small and marginal farmers through this profitable enterprise. Rabbit farming has some unique features and edge over other livestock activities especially for employment generation and socio economic upliftment of rural masses. Distinctive advantages of Rabbit farming 1. Less initial investment, thus affordable for poorest section of the society. 2. Less pressure on land for rear

Start Lemonade/ ‘Nimboo Pani’ Production Business packing in pouch or bottles

 How to Start Lemonade Production Business Do you want to start a lemonade production business? Here is a stepwise guide on starting a lemonade production company with a low investment. Lemonade is a lemon-flavored drink and in India commonly popular as ‘Nimboo Pani’. Additionally, lemonade production is a profitable and viable manufacturing opportunity in India. Generally, people consume lemonade as cold soft drinks, especially during the hot summer season. You can initiate a lemonade production unit on a small-scale basis. 6 Steps to Start a Lemonade Manufacturing Company Important Question :  Is Lemonade Production Business Profitable?  What is the Market Potential? Consuming non-fizzy drinks is more beneficial in health aspects than carbonated drinks. It is one of the favorable soft drinks, is used by people of all ages in general and by the young generation in particular and extensively during summer to quench the thirst and to get refreshed. Changing lifestyle and spending habits

Start Jute Bag Making Manufacturing Business Jute fabrics are strong, durable, light, colorfast, attractive, and cheaper than most fabrics made from other fibers.

 How to Start Jute Bag Making Manufacturing Business Any individual can initiate a jute bag-making business on a small scale basis. The jute bag manufacturing process is not complex. Even, the business is a great income option for students and women also. Jute is a naturally found, inexpensive, biodegradable fiber product. In starting a jute bag-making business you will need to be careful about the selection of the location. The easy availability of raw material is an important factor. This business is also suitable for the northeast part of India including Tripura, Assam, Manipur, Sikkim, and Arunachal Pradesh. Jute Bag Manufacturing Project Plan Guide for Beginners For eco-friendly character, the demand for jute yarn, jute fabrics, and other jute items is increasing very fast. New technologies have evolved for the bulk use of jute as a raw material in the production of high value-added and price competitive final products. Jute fabrics are strong, durable, light, colorfast, attractiv

Start A Jam Jelly, marmalades, pickles, and sauces. Making Manufacturing Business

 How to Start A Jam Jelly Making Manufacturing Business Do you want to start a jam and jelly making manufacturing business? Find here a detailed guide on how to start this business with the manufacturing process, equipment required. Jam jelly making is a profitable business. In addition, you can initiate the business on a small scale with low capital investment. The food processing industry has started receiving a great deal of attention from policymakers. The current industrial policy in food processing is also favorable for the food processing industry. India is the 2nd largest producer of fruits and vegetables in the world, and the food processing sector in the country is expected to double in the next decade. The ever-growing consumer demands have opened up huge investment opportunities for foreign and private entities in the food processing industry currently. You can start the business at your home also. However, you must have proper planning and strategy. In addition, you can av